I studied linguistics in college. I'm tired of hearing people say...

  • "You studied linguistics? Language is so fascinating!! Why, did you know the Eskimos have thousands of words for snow?"
  • "English is the hardest and most complex language in the world."
  • "Chinese and Japanese are more complex than English because they have such a big alphabet."
  • "'Irregardless' and 'ain't' are not words."
  • "Educated people have better language skills than uneducated people."
  • "Sign languages are not real languages. Deaf people don't need sign language cause they can just read lips."
  • "French, Spanish, and Italian came from Latin. And so did English."
  • "Children shouldn't go to school with a lot of non-English speaking kids, cause it'll corrupt their English."
  • "My great-grandparents were German, so it'd be easy for me to learn German."
  • "Shakespeare wrote his plays in Old English."
  • Same. It gets old really, really fast.